Heavy duty terminals, Copper braid, Busbars and Industrial cable and wiring assemblies

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Applications include railway vehicles, railway traction units, railway infrastructure, standby power generation, electric vehicles, welding equipment, military installations and Nuclear Power Generation.

Our copper braids are used on generator sets, transformer to busbar connections and busbar interconnections, earthing straps, welding machines and battery connections. Use Tranect copper braid products for outstanding performance and quality of service.

Tranect braids and connectors

We also design and manufacture crimp tooling and inspection gauges, as well as copper braid products and copper busbars.

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Our engineering and manufacturing facility is located in Liverpool, England and our Research and Development is supported by the North West Development Agency and Merseyside Special Investment Fund.

Tranect Ltd design and manufacture ultra heavy duty cable lugs and terminals for high vibration applications. These include high vibration lugs approved by British Rail and our unique range of ultra high vibration lugs approved by British Rail for the most severe vibration applications such as bogie to axle connection.

Tranect terminals

Our cable lugs out perform our competitors products during independent testing, for more details see our test results page

For safety critical applications use Tranect ultra heavy duty lugs for peace of mind and guaranteed performance.

Where maintenance is not an option use Tranect ultra heavy duty terminals for fit and forget confidence.

Where continuous operation is essential use Tranect ultra heavy duty terminals for class leading performance.

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